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Payments & Donations

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ESE’s main purpose is to prevent the children 4 to 16 from working in the streets and from being abandoned by their families. MESE House is located in the town of El Colomo where they offer workshops for mothers, such as: making clothes, piñatas, and cutting hair. There is also a homework club where children are helped with their homework. Finally, the program includes psychological support for those families that require it. MESE helps 79 children with the help of sponsors like the Rotaract Club of Chicago
Dolphin Assisted Therapy
Dolphin assisted therapy is provided as two-week program: each day, children receive 30 minutes of therapeutic activities with dolphins followed by sensory integration activities, movement therapy, traditional physiotherapy, manual therapy, art, clay and sand play therapies, and music therapy. Lithuania became the very first country in Europe where dolphin assisted therapy was officially approved as a method of wellness. Meeting the needs of people with disabilities, the content of dolphin assisted therapy is being created very responsibly in collaboration with the scientists of Klaipeda University. A 2006 biomedical study has shown positive results on more than 80% of children involved.
Pay Dues
Please pay your 2017/2018 dues! $75 for all members!